Legends of the Dragons

The legends of the dragons define a single dragon of each color. It is not confirmed if these dragons even exist, but their names and their stories have been discovered in many ancient documents.

“The Shadow,” Tuesirth – A black dragon who, as legend states, terrorized ancient civilizations throughout the night. Seemingly invisible at night, Tuesirth would melt entire villages with a single acid breath.

“The Storm,” Tharos – A blue dragon that is written as the source of most major storms that wiped out villages. Through his lightning breath, he ravaged and burnt down many a village to the ground.

“The Light,” Carinth – This brass dragon, as legend tells, was a benefactor of many civilizations. He would provide light through his flame breath in the deepest of nights, and once battled with Tuesirth to protect an ancient capital.

“The Voiceless One,” Dallarth – A Bronze dragon who was known as a silent protector. He watched over the largest city of ancient times without once saying a word.

“The Giver of Life,” Vanlith – A large copper dragon who’s acidic breath has been witnessed bringing a corpse back to life, but not the undead kind of life, the living kind of life.

“Evil’s Bane,” Roslarb – A gigantic golden dragon whose entire life was dedicated to the elimination of all evil in the world. Ancient texts record him not only defeating the shadow in a one on one fight, but going village to village hunting bandits.

“Master of Lies,” Ith – An evil green dragon who is semi responsible for the fall of many an empire. Through masterful lies and tempting armies to double-cross their superiors, he destroyed the ancient empire of Pytharis.

“The Hoarder,” Shorolth – This red dragon was known for his enormous treasure hoard. He took everything from trashed weapons to literal gold, and kept it in a section of his hoard. Adventurers would try and fail constantly to get their hands on a part.

“The Friend,” Nevalth – A friendly silver dragon who was known by many. He would help out villages in dire need of assistance, and even helped broker a peace treaty between warring empires.

“The Beast of the North,” Stiria – A white dragon who, as nickname suggests, was a dangerous beast of the frozen north. Anyone traveling to the frozen wasteland was warned of his viciousness.

Legends of the Dragons

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