Common Knowledge

The following information is common knowledge for every citizen of Perqend.

For whatever reason, magic seems to “earth” itself. What this means is that if you go too far away from the coast, magical items, spells, and effects seem to stop working. Scholars have not agreed on a theory why, but it has been documented to happen every time someone tries to sail far from the shoreline.

There have been rumors of Koilth scouts discovering a continent on the far side of the ocean, but this has not been confirmed and is mostly unbelieved because the idea of someone sailing that far is hard to grasp.

The current nations have been around for around 500 years, and history of previous civilizations have been lost to time. Tombs of ancient knowledge have been found, but they are sparse and difficult to find. Also, Dragons have not been seen in the 500 years that Perqend’s nations have been at war. They’re mostly nothing but legend now, but their existence is confirmed by the existence of the dragon-born.


Regarding the Continent

The Continent consists of four nations, Koilth, Fyrath, Purtah, and Shidue. These nations have been at war with one another for as long as history can remember. Their borders constantly being fought over, and countless lives being lost daily to the Great War. The continent has a multitude of biomes, from lifeless desert to mosquito ridden swamps to the Great Forests of the East. The cultures and personalities of the population are varied from nation to nation, though they all share the same drive of total control over the entire continent.

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The country of Koilth is to the north-west. They value Individual strength. Their main language is Koil. The most common race is the Dragon-born. There is a stereotype that all their citizens are cocky and arrogant. The captial of Koilth is the city of Tardide. Koilth is a democracy, with the public believing only the most talented individual has the right to rule the country.


The country of Fyrath is in the middle of the contintent. They value the might of the many. Their main language is Fyran. The most common race is Human. There is a stereotype that all their citizens are apathetic to individuals in the main group is doing okay. Fyrath is a monarchy, with the family line leading back to the beginning of the great war. The current king is Nesh Egett.


The country of Purtah is to the South-West. They mostly value magic. Their main language is Purt. The most common race are Elves. There is a stereotype that all Purtah citizens are snooty asses. Purtah has a council of the strongest magicians in the nation.


The country of Shidue is to the east. They mostly value strong defenses. Their main language is Shood. The most common race are the Dwarves. There is a stereotype that all Shidue citizens are cowards. Shidue is a theocracy, where the head priest is also the leader of the country.

Common Knowledge

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