Adventurous Few

First Play!

The Adventurous few get broken.

The date was 4/24/2016 and the place was Riley’s House.

Our adventurous few gathered around a table, mostly on time except for one, to play their first real session of DnD. Ryan was late, as he had a couple things to finish up, but that was okay as the other player’s character sheets were not complete after the addition of their inventory.

Ryan arrived just on time for a comedic entry during the introduction. MJ. Levt, their new commanding officer and a half-orc of intimidating size, was having all the recruits in their barracks tent introduce themselves. We focused on five of these recruits.

((Warning, I may spell your name’s incorrectly and am running off of notes I took. If something is incorrect or you would like to add something, message me and I’ll fix it.))\

We met:

Ariv Targaryen, The brilliantly white-scaled Dragon-born Barbarian played by Alec. He prefers up close battles and joined the military for the “FUCKING LANGUAGE” and the bloody fighting.

Torinn Zilarrezko, The shiny silver-scaled Dragon-born Wizard played by Miles. He stays back and strategically fights and joined the military because his teacher told him of a mysterious power affecting the ocean, and figured he’d learn more about it here.

Rokules Nemonis, The deep blue-scaled Dragon-born Ranger played by Rays. He stays as far away from the enemy as possible while fighting, and joined the military because of rumors of a new continent, and he wishes to explore it.

Syrith -—-, an intimidating, eccentric Human Bard played by Ryan. He likes to screw with his enemies during close combat, and joined the military for some unknown religious reason.

Jin -—, a shady Human Rogue played by Matt. He’s a swordsman and prefers to fight up close and in the shadows. He joined the military so he could be strong enough to protect his friends, to prevent any more deaths to those who are close to him.

These five recruits were deemed “the best fit for eachother” and as such were thrown into the training dungeon together, after a breakfast break of course.

Ariv ate his breakfast like an animal, and Rokules was being a loner, but otherwise nothing interesting happened during this time.

After breakfast, they grouped up again and headed into the dungeon, with Ariv taking the lead, and Torrin at the rear. The rest of the group scattered about between. Ariv, his animalistic instincts taking over, took his trident and used it as a prodding tool to check for traps and other unfortunate business. Thanks to this, their group managed to avoid the first trap, a pitfall in the staircase.

A long walk later, they finally came to an opening, a dimly lit room with nothing worth noting but a table and a bookcase, with another hallway leading someplace unknown. There did happen to be an unusual amount of spiderwebs, and they took note of this.

After a bit of investigation, Jin noticed the ceiling in the doorway of the new hall seemed to be a bit loose, but didn’t tell anyone about his discovery. Ariv was investigating the bookshelf, and Rokules and Torrin were near the table looking about. Syrith was staying close to the entrance. This is where things went south. Rokules and Ariv heard some skittering, which they told the party. Syrith played a really really annoying sound on his harp-like instrument, which caused the skittering to get more intense. Torrin then accidentally set off a dart trap, hidden via a pressure plate by the table. Even though Ariv took out some of the flying darts with an amazing handax throw, Torrin still was downed by the poison. At this point, Rokules discovered a really deep pit, with a swarm of spiders crawling to the surface.

After a bit of planning, Rokules let loose a lightning breath attack into the hole, taking care of a handful of these spiders. It wasn’t nearly enough, and quickly they came to the surface looking for blood. Through some strategic spells from the now conscious Torrin, thanks to the healing from Syrith, and a breath attack from Ariv, most of the spiders were dealt with, but not before they downed both Jin and Syrith. Also during the scuffle, the loose ceiling from before closed off the hallway deeper into the dungeon, but the wall wasn’t heavy enough for Ariv’s strength. He lifted it up and Torrin’s great mind had the collapse propped up via the bookcase from the room. Rokules sealed off the pit using the table, just in-case some other creature might emerge.

After this, Rokules scouted ahead to the next room. The hallway there turned out to be trapped however, but Rokules was not fooled by the random carpet in the hallway. Using a pole he carried for these exact purposes, he prodded the carpet until it fell into a pit that it was covering. Rokules leaped over the pit, and scouted into the next room. There he discovered three humanoid figures standing in the opposite corner. Heading back to tell his party, he tripped up on the jump over the pit, and fell into it.

By the time Rokules fell in, Ariv and Torrin were carrying the unconscious teammates into the hallway, to continue on. They remembered Mj. Levt saying something about medical centers, and were hoping for the next room being one.

As Rokules was just about to start climbing his way out of the hole alone, Ariv peeked over the edge and gave Rokules a pitiful look. While Ariv was helping Rokules out of the hole, Torrin was returning to grab the table to use as a bridge across the pit. Afterwards, he continued to the next room to do a bit of scouting himself. Ariv was tasked with carrying the downed members over the “bridge.”

Torrin, peeking into the next room, noticed the figures had spell component pouches by the hips, and told Rokules of this. As he was telling him, Ariv walked up just in time to learn of this information. Torrin devised a small plan, using a loose stone to distract the mages while Ariv ran in to the table in the center of the room. Using the distraction as a surprise element, he was able to eliminate one of the mages,via a great trident throw pinning him to the wall, which the party now knew were dragonborn of various scalings. He then flipped up the table to use as a barrier, and Torrin threw down a fog spell using the table as the center, clouding not only Ariv but also the other two dragonborn, a Copper and a Green scaling. After some various spells being thrown about, and a really badass table kick, Ariv and the Green dragon-born were downed. Torrin called in Rokules from the hallway for help, but unfortunately they were overwhelmed by the Copper’s abilities, and were downed.

The party woke up in the camp’s medical tent, to the three dragon-born tending to their wounds and were informed they weren’t expected to win the training dungeon in the first place. We’ll send you through a hellish boot camp montage, and then you’ll be ready.

And as such, we ended the session with everyone being raised to 4th level, due to the training montage.


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