Landing Locations

ALL HEAR!! The scouts have discovered three locations suitable for the first settlement!”

“We need input on which would be the best location. Here, have the report from the scouts themselves.”
((Real quick, I recommend reading this page here in order to better understand the scouting reports.))

Landing #1 – Forest Clearing

Scout Report 12-15-13-6

After nearly ten tyrs, we finally shored our vessel. The seas around this location are treacherous, filled with what can only be described as “blighted woods.”

Luckily, the shore was much more forgiving. We happened to land on the edge of what was an enormous forest. We spent a tyr setting up camp before a short range mission into the woods. After a short walk, short by measurement of distance, not time, as the forest was completely cluttered with undergrowth, we came upon a magnificent clearing nearly a league large.

While there may not be much room for expansion or farmland without heavy deforestation, we of Recon Team 7 believe this to be a good location for the first settlement. A large forest can supply much wood for buildings as well as wild game and potentially edible plants.

The only downside I can see is the difficulty for ships traveling through that blighted sea.
~Scout Regina, Koilth Recon Team 7

Landing #2 – Swampy flatlands

Scout Report 23-16-13-6

We easily landed on the south-eastern coast of this large continent. The nearby area is muddy, almost swamplike, but the soil is fertile and would be able to easily grow crops.

To the east is what seems to be a very large swamp. The trees appear dead, but without a botanist to study some specimens we’re left to guess. To the west are large grasslands, easily twenty leagues large. We thought about having a mission inland to see if there are any native populations, but our food supply is running low. I’m not even sure if our team can make it back to Koilth.

The location we found suitable for a living population was right up against the coast. The soil there was firm enough to stand on without sinking in and the coast could supply food or supplies from Koilth, if necessary.

There was little woodland, and going much further inland the ground became less and less stable. Further expansion may prove difficult.

~Scout Daedis, Koilth Recon Team 4

Landing #3 – Mushroom Wastes

Scout Report 3-18-13-6

This place sucks. Well I mean, it doesn’t really suck, it’s just weird. We landed without a hitch, but once we were on land, ohhhhhh boy was it fun. To the south-west is some sort of mushroom forest, with those things going easily 50ft tall. The north is some inhospitable area that we didn’t even bother to go into.

Instead we chose to go through those god damn mushrooms. Not even five minutes in I had a horrible cough from all the God damn spores. Ugh. Anyway, while we were in there I think we saw some sort of humanoid creature. We didn’t get a closer look as we were not prepared for combat incase they were hostile. After a ways we discovered there was a nice grassland south of our landing point. I think that might be a better place to live, but as a first settlement? The grasslands are too far from the coast. Ugh. Just my luck that my team is the one who has to get the weirdest place. Whatever.

Anyway here’s the rundown, there’s bound to be something here, I can feel it in my gut. The mushrooms, when cut down, can be used as compost, making farming an easy job.

Downsides are the fact that we can’t live in the area to the north without some magical effects, and honestly, I’m not even sure what we’d need to do to get this place running well.

~Scout Italli
Koilth Recon Team 2

Landing Locations

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