Con Tatory

The Leader of Koilth. Deemed by the public to be the most fit to lead their nation.


Con is a Dragon-born with slick, black scales. Wearing an eyepatch, covering a scar gained from a fight with another leader candidate, Con typically dresses in light armour instead of clothes. He’s a little paranoid about assassination attempts from other nations, but chooses not to have guards around. He believes if he has to rely on guards, he cannot consider himself strong enough to rule the nation.
(The image to the right is almost correct, just pretend the color is Black instead of Orange.)


The current leader of Koilth. Con is a talented combatant and intelligent strategist. The public seems to adore him.

His heritage can be followed back to a Black Dragon. Although Black Dragons are typically revered as evil creatures, Con seems to be the opposite. While he rules with high expectations, he doesn’t completely disregard someone weaker than the average citizen.

Con Tatory

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