Adventurous Few

5/15 Play session
The adventurous few successfully goes through the first 75% of the Training Dungeon

((After 30 minutes of waiting for Ryan’s late ass to get here, we starting our Second play session at Riley’s house.))

The dawn of morning is signaled again via the military trumpeteers. MJ. Levt strutted into the Barracks Tent and made his announcements. The soldiers were to go through the practice dungeon once again and hopefully make it farther after all the training they’ve been through. (A training montage preceded this awakening.) He singled out an Elf, Freddrick Willihem, for knocking himself unconscious on the stairway downward last time in the training dungeon. Mj. Levt then anointed Ariv the temporary leader of his group, and had all the soldiers in the groups they were in previously, to make it easier on him. “Be at the training dungeon in twenty minutes with your group, Ariv. You’re the temporary leader, if you don’t want to be, make someone else it, you are in that position of power after all.” said Mj. Levt.

Ariv made eye contact with two of his group members, Rokules and Jin. Torrin was busy reading his spellbook, preparing his magic for the day. Syrith was still sleeping in bed, but was woken by Jin. Ariv grunted and left, heading to the training grounds, confidant the crew would follow behind him. It was a cold and cloudy day. Ariv was glad the cold didn’t bother him much.

After a short time, Torrin left two, followed shortly by Jin and Rokules. Syrith decided to stay in bed another five minutes or so before leaving himself humming a tune from a old band, “The Warm Orange Bell Peppers.”

Mj. Levt was standing before the training dungeon’s double doors. Ariv arrived early, but did not strike up any sort of conversation. Torrin, Rokules, and Jin were there shortly after and Syrith was nearly late. Once everyone was there, Mj. Levt spoke.

“Alright soldiers. Be prepared for whatever comes your way. This training exercise has been changed so many times from the last time you were down here, and it’s layout is foreign even to me, they changed it like, last week after all.”

Pulling a large lever, the double doors of the training dungeon swung open. A cold, small breeze came from below. The stone staircase spiraled downward, torches on the wall the whole way down. Torrin made sure to grab a torch before continuing too far, for later use. Ariv lead the way down, using his trident to probe for traps, considering their last venture down here.


After a long walk down the circling staircase, the group eventually ended at a door with a wooden plank barring it closed. The plank was on their side, holding something in the room. Ariv, with no hesitation, took his trident and knocked the wood out of it’s holder. The plank clattered to the ground, the noise echoing up the staircase. There was rustling from the other side of the door. Movement. Ariv was prepared for an ambush and peeked in. He saw a large group of Kobolds on the other end of the room. He also saw a campfire behind them, most likely for their own warmth. After relaying it to the team, Ariv literally kicked the door down and ran in, standing intimidatingly on said door. The leader of the Kobolds looked a little shaken, but didn’t stand down. With a better view, the group was able to see that in the room was a small table with a cup of liquid and a floor grate. Multiple ruined paintings also lined the wall closest to the group. With Ariv in full view, Jin was able to sneak around behind most of the Kobolds, and the rest of the group filed in behind Ariv.

As Ariv was the main attention, Jin attempted to make a sneak attack against one of the Kobolds, but unfortunately tripped on a bit of uneven stone in the group and fell on top of the Kobold he was about to attack, pinning him. The Kobold Leader, slightly larger than the other lizard-like humanoids and with curvy horns instead of straight ones, yelled out “CHAAAARRRGGGEEE!!” in draconic, to which some draconic replies from the party came, trying to demoralize the Kobold group.

Rokules was able to get the first strike, landing a clean shot to the shoulder of the largest Kobold. The leader then charged straight for Ariv, sliding on its knees under his readied trident to get a nice cut in his leg. The ones near Jin attempted to stab him with their tiny knives, but one missed horribly, killing the Kobold that was being pinned. The other landed a hit, but it wasn’t too serious. A couple Kobolds attempted to hit Jin with slings, but their aim was horrible! The remaining Kobolds ran towards Syrith, who was attempting to investigate the grate that Ariv pointed out, reminding the party of the last time they were down here and their bad experience with the spiders. Syrith was able to get in a good shot before they got to him, removing a Kobold’s life with his instrument. The Kobolds were able to get some damage on Syrith, forcing a slight retreat. Torrin, the group’s spellcaster, made a smart decision and cast Web on the Kobolds near the firepit. Since webbing is thick and hard to maneuver in, combined with its flammability, he effectively removed most of the Kobolds from the fight.

Ariv stabbed the leading Kobold straight through the chest, its dying whisper being a “Keep fighting.” Ariv raised the dead body high, and announced “GIVE UP” in Draconic and threw the body to the floor. The Kobolds were visibly disheartened, but did not relent. Jin quickly tried to get up from his prone position, and much to his dismay, was damaged by a Kobold taking advantage of his downed spot. Syriths retreat opened the way for Rokules to land some beautiful shots in between the eyes of those Kobolds. The webbing quickly caught fire, which spread throughout itself. The unfortunate Kobolds inside were roasted alive. Jin and Ariv dispatched of the final two, leaving the room “safe” for the group to take a rest.

After the fighting calmed, Rokules inspected the grate, discovering the horrible stench of feces from within. Torrin investigated the bodies that were burnt to a crisp. They smelt of melted flesh, and not much was found on their bodies. The small table was discovered to have some alcoholic beverage on it, and Syrith decided to burn the paintings instead of leave them in their ruined state. Ariv discovered that the door out of the room was also barred from the outside. Banging against the door to let the rest of the group know, they then took a short rest, due to Syrith’s suggestion.


After their rest, they continued onward. Ariv, once again, kicked down the door. A long hallway awaited them, with a stone doorway at the end of it. Ariv peeked in, as once again he was the first in line. Peering in, he saw a table and 3 humanoids in the room, two of which were extremely heavily armoured with very, very large shields, the other other was lightly armoured with a ton of spears. Ariv passed on the information, including their location, and they formulated a plan. Torrin was to use his “fog cloud” spell to limit visibility and allow Ariv and Jin to eliminate the spearman. Immediately after the spell was cast, a command was heard from the enemy spearman. It was in a foreign language, but Ariv understood Fyran. “HOLD POSITION!”

Assuming the enemies would stay in the same spot, Ariv and Jin snuck in and started making their way towards the spearman. Torrin, Rokules, and Syrith also snuck into the room, but stayed near the entrance incase things got bad. Torrin took place behind the table, Syrith wandered to a corner, and Rokules stayed in front of the hallway.

Rokules, once again, got the first attack in. He attempted to fire an arrow at the last known location of one of the knights, but the arrow was heard bouncing off the enemy’s shield, and clattered to the floor. Once again in Fyran, the heavily armoured individual announced he was attacked. The spearman gave another order. “WALK!” The knights could be heard walking forward, their heavy armour clattering against itself as they moved. The group could guess where they were because of the sound, aside from Syrith as he was covering his allies’ movements with some music. Ariv tried to take advantage of the confusion, and attempted to attack the same person that Rokules shot at, but their armour was too strong and his trident clanked against it. The knight turned around, and with his momentum, attempted to bash Ariv with his shield. The shield was seen passing right in front of Ariv’s snout, leaving him unscaved. The other knight stayed put. Syrith placed an illusionary sound in front of the hallway, after telling Rokules to step aside. This illusion worked, and the spearman’s location was rediscovered, vaguely, via a spear that was thrown straight towards it. Rokules and Torrin both attempted to hit the spearman, but both of their attacks wiffed, Rokules’s arrow and Torrin’s firebolt(o). After some more confusing fighting, Ariv and Jin eventually rediscovered the spearman’s location, and their combined efforts cut him down, with Jin having the final blow. His final command was “Keep fighting.”

One of the knights was being distracted by Syrith, using his illusions to bribe him close. The other was being teamed up on by Torrin, Jin, and Ariv. Torrin, by this time, had dropped the fog. Ariv and Jin were in melee range, keeping the knight occupied, whilst Torrin was actually damaging him through his armour with magical spells. Firebolt and Melf’s Acid Arrow were his attacks of choice, the Acid arrow’s lingering damage being enough to knock the knight unconscious. The Acid Arrow melted through the large metal shield and the tough metal armour that he was wearing.

Syrith used his illusions to get the final knight intimidated enough to stand down willingly, throwing down his shield and kneeling. A combination of visual illusions (of another person behind him ready to cut his throat) and whispers to give up was what Syrith employed. Shortly after, the downed knight’s body faded. The armour was left behind. The same happened to the other knight, and the spearman’s body, but all their equipment was real and left behind, crumpled by it’s own weight. Torrin took a chunk of metal that melted off of the armour, as well as a boot, and Ariv took a couple spears from the spearman’s remains.

The other stone door had a small outcove ahead, which luckily for the group was a medical retreat.


The small medical alcove was packed with medical supplies, and even had beds. There was a sign however saying not to stay longer than four hours, so they could not rest for very long. The medical supplies came in five packs, enough for each person in the group to get one. Syrith and Ariv used their’s immediately, while Torrin, Rokules, and Jin decided to take theirs with them. They then took a short rest, preparing themselves for what was to come.


After a short time, Ariv decided they should move on. They went back into the hallway, and was greeted with a wooden door with a sign that said “Danger.” Ariv snuck a look inside, and much to his dismay, he discovered the contents of the room was the three Dragonborn wizards that were their demise the last training session. Relaying this information back, Syrith decided they should try to devise a plan this time around, instead of just running in weapons drawn. The Copper, Bronze, and Green dragonborn were none the wiser to their planning session, and instead were talking amongst themselves about whether the group even made it this far yet.

The plan was to have Syrith create an illusion to tell them that the group failed, and they don’t have to stay any longer. If that didn’t work, hopefully it would distract them long enough for the group to get in and deal some massive damage. After deciding this was probably the best course of action, they agreed and head out.

Syrith created his illusion, an image of Mj. Levt appearing in and telling the mages they could leave, but the wording and method was not enough to deceive the mages. Luckily, the image did indeed distract the mages, and got them mumbling to themselves confused as to what the image was. They decided to make their surprise attack. Considering their distraction towards the location of the image, Jin snuck around behind the Bronze Dragonborn. Ariv and Rokules snuck in behind the table and prepared an attack against the Green and Copper respectively. Torrin prepared a firebolt at the Green Dragonborn, and Syrith decided to attempt to intimidate the Copper dragonborn because he was the most likely to survive the surprise attack.

The stage was set. The actors ready. The surprise attack began.

Syrith whispered magically in the Copper’s ear. “You will all perish..” This was the start. Rokules let loose an arrow, landing in the shoulder of the Copper Mage. His ally, the Green dragonborn, was stabbed through the shoulder with a large trident, and then Firebolted in the chest, the fire erupting over him, and charring the trident a bit. The final ally, the Bronze Dragonborn, was stabbed in the back by Jin’s longsword, but only survived because of his tough scales. Such a flurry of attacks in a short time was enough to panic the Copper Mage, especially after such a frightening message.

Before they even had a chance to react, a secondary wave of attacks landed across most of the mages. The Green and Copper succumbed to additional attacks from Rokules, Jin, and Ariv. The Bronze was frightened by the sheer efficiency in which his comrades were downed. The bodies dissipating in mist, just like the last time. The Bronze mage knew it was do or die. He let loose his strongest attacks. A mighty storm of ice, taking the entire group by surprise. Everyone survived said spell, and missed their next attacks. The Bronze Mage was surprisingly agile. Thinking quickly, the Bronze Dragonborn was surrounded by mist, teleporting away from the group, and throwing a monstrous fireball into the crowd.

This fireball was too much for Jin, Torrin, and Rokules, who collapsed from their wounds. Ariv stood firm, barely wavering from the attack. Syrith, who should of collapsed, instead formed into some abomination of black, flaming flesh. He laughed maniacally as he walked up to the frightened Bronze Dragonborn, and ended the Mage’s “life” with his instrument.
The group was nearly beaten, but they succeeded where last time they failed. Ariv used the medical packs that Jin, Rokules, and Torrin kept to heal them, and prepared to go onward. There was once more, a medical room, this time letting the group stay as long as they needed to before moving on. It was forewarned that the next room would be a “doozy.”

Hopefully the group is prepared for their biggest challenge yet..

First Play!
The Adventurous few get broken.

The date was 4/24/2016 and the place was Riley’s House.

Our adventurous few gathered around a table, mostly on time except for one, to play their first real session of DnD. Ryan was late, as he had a couple things to finish up, but that was okay as the other player’s character sheets were not complete after the addition of their inventory.

Ryan arrived just on time for a comedic entry during the introduction. MJ. Levt, their new commanding officer and a half-orc of intimidating size, was having all the recruits in their barracks tent introduce themselves. We focused on five of these recruits.

((Warning, I may spell your name’s incorrectly and am running off of notes I took. If something is incorrect or you would like to add something, message me and I’ll fix it.))\

We met:

Ariv Targaryen, The brilliantly white-scaled Dragon-born Barbarian played by Alec. He prefers up close battles and joined the military for the “FUCKING LANGUAGE” and the bloody fighting.

Torinn Zilarrezko, The shiny silver-scaled Dragon-born Wizard played by Miles. He stays back and strategically fights and joined the military because his teacher told him of a mysterious power affecting the ocean, and figured he’d learn more about it here.

Rokules Nemonis, The deep blue-scaled Dragon-born Ranger played by Rays. He stays as far away from the enemy as possible while fighting, and joined the military because of rumors of a new continent, and he wishes to explore it.

Syrith -—-, an intimidating, eccentric Human Bard played by Ryan. He likes to screw with his enemies during close combat, and joined the military for some unknown religious reason.

Jin -—, a shady Human Rogue played by Matt. He’s a swordsman and prefers to fight up close and in the shadows. He joined the military so he could be strong enough to protect his friends, to prevent any more deaths to those who are close to him.

These five recruits were deemed “the best fit for eachother” and as such were thrown into the training dungeon together, after a breakfast break of course.

Ariv ate his breakfast like an animal, and Rokules was being a loner, but otherwise nothing interesting happened during this time.

After breakfast, they grouped up again and headed into the dungeon, with Ariv taking the lead, and Torrin at the rear. The rest of the group scattered about between. Ariv, his animalistic instincts taking over, took his trident and used it as a prodding tool to check for traps and other unfortunate business. Thanks to this, their group managed to avoid the first trap, a pitfall in the staircase.

A long walk later, they finally came to an opening, a dimly lit room with nothing worth noting but a table and a bookcase, with another hallway leading someplace unknown. There did happen to be an unusual amount of spiderwebs, and they took note of this.

After a bit of investigation, Jin noticed the ceiling in the doorway of the new hall seemed to be a bit loose, but didn’t tell anyone about his discovery. Ariv was investigating the bookshelf, and Rokules and Torrin were near the table looking about. Syrith was staying close to the entrance. This is where things went south. Rokules and Ariv heard some skittering, which they told the party. Syrith played a really really annoying sound on his harp-like instrument, which caused the skittering to get more intense. Torrin then accidentally set off a dart trap, hidden via a pressure plate by the table. Even though Ariv took out some of the flying darts with an amazing handax throw, Torrin still was downed by the poison. At this point, Rokules discovered a really deep pit, with a swarm of spiders crawling to the surface.

After a bit of planning, Rokules let loose a lightning breath attack into the hole, taking care of a handful of these spiders. It wasn’t nearly enough, and quickly they came to the surface looking for blood. Through some strategic spells from the now conscious Torrin, thanks to the healing from Syrith, and a breath attack from Ariv, most of the spiders were dealt with, but not before they downed both Jin and Syrith. Also during the scuffle, the loose ceiling from before closed off the hallway deeper into the dungeon, but the wall wasn’t heavy enough for Ariv’s strength. He lifted it up and Torrin’s great mind had the collapse propped up via the bookcase from the room. Rokules sealed off the pit using the table, just in-case some other creature might emerge.

After this, Rokules scouted ahead to the next room. The hallway there turned out to be trapped however, but Rokules was not fooled by the random carpet in the hallway. Using a pole he carried for these exact purposes, he prodded the carpet until it fell into a pit that it was covering. Rokules leaped over the pit, and scouted into the next room. There he discovered three humanoid figures standing in the opposite corner. Heading back to tell his party, he tripped up on the jump over the pit, and fell into it.

By the time Rokules fell in, Ariv and Torrin were carrying the unconscious teammates into the hallway, to continue on. They remembered Mj. Levt saying something about medical centers, and were hoping for the next room being one.

As Rokules was just about to start climbing his way out of the hole alone, Ariv peeked over the edge and gave Rokules a pitiful look. While Ariv was helping Rokules out of the hole, Torrin was returning to grab the table to use as a bridge across the pit. Afterwards, he continued to the next room to do a bit of scouting himself. Ariv was tasked with carrying the downed members over the “bridge.”

Torrin, peeking into the next room, noticed the figures had spell component pouches by the hips, and told Rokules of this. As he was telling him, Ariv walked up just in time to learn of this information. Torrin devised a small plan, using a loose stone to distract the mages while Ariv ran in to the table in the center of the room. Using the distraction as a surprise element, he was able to eliminate one of the mages,via a great trident throw pinning him to the wall, which the party now knew were dragonborn of various scalings. He then flipped up the table to use as a barrier, and Torrin threw down a fog spell using the table as the center, clouding not only Ariv but also the other two dragonborn, a Copper and a Green scaling. After some various spells being thrown about, and a really badass table kick, Ariv and the Green dragon-born were downed. Torrin called in Rokules from the hallway for help, but unfortunately they were overwhelmed by the Copper’s abilities, and were downed.

The party woke up in the camp’s medical tent, to the three dragon-born tending to their wounds and were informed they weren’t expected to win the training dungeon in the first place. We’ll send you through a hellish boot camp montage, and then you’ll be ready.

And as such, we ended the session with everyone being raised to 4th level, due to the training montage.

First Session
Character Creation

I think the first session went well right?

Most of the characters got done, with a couple things needing to be done for the first level characters to be complete.

Also, Message me with your character’s name and I can create a character page here for you to put information and stuff.


This is mostly just a test post, so you can ignore it.

If you ain’t ignoring it, please, read these pages.

Common Knowledge
Landing Locations


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